Definition of pando by the free online Pandora Australia dictionary Definition of pando by the free online dictionary An exceptional bearlike mammal(Ailuropoda melanoleuca)Of the forest of china Pandora Bracelets Australia: and tibet, having woolly fur with distinctive white and black markings.Generally known as giant panda, panda go through. 2.A smaller raccoonlike mammal(Ailurus fulgens)Of northeast south east tibet, having red fur, white face white marks, and a challenging ringed tail.Aka lesser panda, burgandy panda. Panda [ class=ds catalog>1. (Life sciences allied requests / animals)Also called giant panda a large non colored documents herbivorous bearlike mammal, ailuropoda melanoleuca, in relation to the raccoons and inhabiting the high mountain bamboo forests of china:Residence procyonidae (Life sciences allied systems / animals)Lesser or red panda a closely related smaller animal like a raccoon, ailurus fulgens, of the hill forests of s asia, creating a reddish brown coat and ringed tail[via french from a local nepalese word] M, pl.Das.1.Commonly known as giant panda.A white color and black bearlike mammal, ailuropoda melanoleuca, now tied to central china, where it feeds basically on bamboo:Separated either as a bear or as a raccoon, or more usually the sole member of its own family, the actual ailuropodidae. Pandora Birthstone Beads 2.Generally known as lesser panda, red wines panda.A red brown, raccoonlike mammal, ailurus fulgens, of the himalayas and adjoining regions, feeding mainly on bamboo and other factories:Typic.Iand pasda m