Bonfire night from my childhood memories 1960s Bonfire night from my childhood memories 1960s A few innocent pennies could be earned in early november start by causing a guy fawkes figure from old clothes and padding and selling his scurrilous, smoky virtues by inviting 'a penny for the guy'. Bonfires would be built in back gardens and mothers would be busy getting supplies organised for the top level such as bonfire toffee, toffee oranges, dandelion and burdock and cherryade a drink. Generally there were hundreds of private bonfires going on in the uk and of course, on chaddesden, a large housing estate near derby where i lived growing up in the 1960s.Usually, it usually rained on november 5th and we desperately wanted to light the fireworks eventhough it was raining.When it didn't threaten rain the streets of chaddesden would be enveloped in a thick soup of bonfire smoke and the sky would be lit up with rockets and a colourful display of gleaming joy. Every year the public would be warned about the inherent dangers of fireworks and bonfires getting spinning out of hand and the evening's fun would often be punctuated with the chilling ringing decibels of a thundering fire engine.Luckily i never had any major burns or injuries but i once taken care of a sparkler by the hot end and boy did it Pandora Australia Charms hurt.I had to put butter on it to eliminate the sting.Planning back now as an adult myself, cold water would have worked greater. When i was about seven we went over from perth street to cromwell road to visit the best auntie and uncle, barb and Pandora Jewellery ken for bonfire occasion.I recall my dad chasing my mam as time goes on with a banger and she must have tripped over because when she came back the heel was broken on her shoe and she had a grazed knee.There were lots of laughter and the 'odd' british joy of burning the mock guy on a huge bonfire and barbara had made some dark sweet smelling caramel bonfire toffee in the oven.They kept an alsatian dog called sandy which was probably safe indoors like most pets were similarly asked to be. Proclaiming that, goldfish seemed to love bonfire night and could often be seen in council house bay windows using their little fishy eyes glued to the sulphurous magical light show unfolding around them, amplified tenfold by the glass sphere they circumnavigated daily.