Bloc the only party that can stop harper majority Bloc the only party that can stop harper majority By means of peggy curran, postmedia ideas Montreal bloc quebecois leader gilles duceppe called on quebecers monday morning not to be utilized by jack layton's smiling face. "To stop the harper majority the only possibility is voting for the bloc.Often, it is a busting of the vote and helping him, duceppe told reporters before a morning ending up in quebec artists on the northeast end of montreal island. "Techniques not to have a conservative majority is to have as many bloc mps as possible.Several are saying that when layton gains, harper jokes, Duceppe said he is not against layton. "I train with him while working out.But we are not now deciding to vote for somebody that is training with me, but who is defending quebec's likes and dislikes, Duceppe dismissed harper's appeal to canadians to vote for his party if they hope preserve canada from the separatist threat. "Should i hide the reasons of the bloc (more pandora charms here) quebecois?Because doing that, he should say what he is advising to do for quebec, Kingston fireplace:Crane operator saved from blazing inferno by daring heli rescue Arrest and apparent strip search of indian consul in new york sees gay spouses of yankee diplomats threatened in new delhi About one in two hundred women report having virgin births, to be able to new research 'It has been miraculous':Doctors save man's cut hand by grafting it to his ankle Rob ford 'apologizes' but toronto star reporter says 'no dad or teacher' would accept it and is carrying on with lawsuit Lotto max winner tom crist freely giving entire $40 million jackpot to charity After mock court of david suzuki, judge faces formal grievance from pro oilsands group See richard henriksen's base jumping gymnastics stunt on edge of km high cliff go horribly wrong(Videos) Nova scotia mla lenore zann drops cyberbullying criticism over topless photo Pamela anderson gets frosty reception in newfoundland as she tries to fight seal hunt with $1m novelty cheque Rob ford sarcastically tells city local authority or authorities he's 'super, good, nice, super sorry' for giving them a call corrupt Canada post ceo deepak chopra is a board person in the think tank that urged mail changes Magma chamber under yellowstone's supervolcano more than two times bigger than previously believed North korea's scramble to warrant execution of kim jong un uncle also a shocking admission that the kim family wasn't in total control Possibly 100 canadians could be fighting in syria against assad regime, believe that tank says Private schools free to enforce discipline without judicial disturbance, court rules after questionable expulsion of student John baird says impression canada's foreign policy is only about jobs 'ridiculous, ' 'extremist to be scared of mongering' Crowd expense raises over $22, 000 for rag tag band of inuit kids to go south and play hockey with pen pals 'Outrageous':Ontario health minister charges Pandora UK federal conservatives betrayed province on health transactions First usa chief, council accused of spending band's social guidance money on personal items, face exam Justin trudeau named 2013's 'most valuable' politician by means of hill times.With elizabeth may the finished product in second